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Education Policy Fellowship Program

The Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) is a partnership of the Center for Policy Design (CPD) and the Washington D.C. based Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL). This year (2017/18) is the 42nd year of the Fellowship program in Minnesota.

The first year of the Fellowship was 1976-77; since then 504 Fellows have completed this unique policy experience.

This is the eighth year that CPD has served as the Minnesota partner with IEL. For the first 34 years of the Fellowship the College of Education at the University of Minnesota was the Minnesota-based partner.

In October 2016 Minnesota EPFP celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a special evening at the Minnesota History Center. Plans are already underway to celebrate Minnesota's EPFP Fellowship in 2021. View the 40th Anniversary Program, including "40 Years of Minnesota Fellows".

The fellowship program has a primary focus on state and federal policy development and the leadership that is necessary to influence emerging policy that has a direct effect on education and schooling.

It is designed for both new and former Fellows. Fellows meet from October 2017 to May 2018 with a final session in November 2018. The program includes IEL's Washington Policy Seminar (WPS) in March.

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