Presents a theory of why organizations do what they do, then presents methods based on this theory for designing and executing strategies to alter their behavior if they are not performing as society wishes.

McClure describes his odyssey at the local level in striving to persuade interests there that unless they become active agents for constructive health care reform, government will eventually asume command of the system.

Dr. McClure will present an analysis of the economy using standard Large System Architecture theory and methods.

A study on data variations in Medicare expenditures per beneficiary.

Dr. McClure will outline a general theory and systematic methodology, Large System Architecture (LSA), for analyzing, designing and politically implementing policy to improve the performance of large social systems such as e.g. education, health care, the economy, etc.

How the language of liberty and economics is being used to undermine liberty, and what might be done about it.

This paper analyzes some of the limitations of strong, direct economic regulation of medical care.

Transcript of remarks to the House bi-Partisan Redesign Caucus as given by Walter McClure.

A critical evaluation of four national health insurance models: major risk insurance; alternative delivery systems under universal coverage; the public utility allocation model (alias the British system); and the public utility hospital model.

Is government a maker or a taker... what would Adam say?

Crucial points too seldom heard in the national health insurance debate.

A summary of crucial points too seldom heard in the national health insurance debate.