Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

Senior Fellow

Tim McDonald is a senior fellow at the Center for Policy Design where he directs its Healthcare Intelligence Project, an applied-research initiative co-chaired by Alain Enthoven and Walt McClure to advance a consumer-driven policy strategy for America’s ongoing health system reform.

He has research associations at two universities: the University of Miami’s newly-established Institute for the Americas and at Harvard University, where he studied under Joe Newhouse and graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2014. He has been awarded a Global Education Policy Fellowship from the Institute for Educational Leadership, and a Dukakis Fellowship from the Harvard Kennedy School.

His research focuses on general theory and methods for designing large social systems, with particular application to health and education systems; and American health services research. His 2011 book Unsustainable: A Strategy for Making Public Schooling More Productive, Effective, and Affordable has been used by state legislatures to shape their education reform agendas.