EPFP Co-Coordinators

Minnesota EPFP has a strong history of coordinators. The role of coordinator and co-coordinator has been, is and will continue to be critical to the success of the Fellowship.

The national EPFP office has three meetings a year to support the coordinators as they develop and implement the Fellowship—which now operates in 15 states.

The coordinators play a key role in design of the annual Washington Policy Seminar (WPS), which provides the Fellows with a direct national and federal policy experience

Current Co-Coordinators

Dan Loritz, Co-Coordinator 1994-Present

Minnesota EPFP Fellow 1979-1980 & Senior Fellow and President, Center for Policy Design

Randy Johnson, Co-Coordinator 2011-Present

Minnesota EPFP Fellow 1977-1978

Tim McDonald, Co-Coordinator 2011-Present

Minnesota EPFP Fellow 2010-2011 & Senior Fellow, Center for Policy Design

Krista Kaput, Co-Coordinator 2017-2018

Minnesota EPFP Fellow 2016-2017

Past Co-Coordinators

Tim Mazzoni*, Founding Coordinator 1976-1978

Van Muller*, Coordinator 1978-2011

Diane Morehouse, Fellow 1980-1981, Co-Coordinator 1986-1993

Caroline Turner, Fellow 1992-1993, Co-Coordinator 1993-1995

Jessica Bailey, Co-Coordinator 1995-1998

Terry Schultz, Fellow 1982-1983, Co-Coordinator 1998-1999

Steven Couture, Fellow 1998-1999, Co-Coordinator 1999-2000

Theodore Lewis, Fellow 1998-1999, Co-Coordinator 1999-2000

Cindy Lavorato, Fellow 1999-2000, Co-Coordinator 2000-2005

Karen Seashore, Co-Coordinator, 2002-2004

Deanne Magnusson, Fellow 1998-1999, Co-Coordinator 2004-2009

Bob Poch, Co-Coordinator 2007-2009

Mary Donaldson, Fellow 2010-2011, Co-Coordinator 2011-2012

Heather Bandeen, Fellow 2013-2014, Co-Coordinator 2015-2017